What Can You Learn from Your Clients?

Your clients hire you for your knowledge.  This fact makes it easy to forget that they can teach you many things - for instance - how to grow your business. 
By asking your clients a few questions at the end of an engagement, or even years later, you can gain keen insight to improve your marketing and business development efforts. Here are some examples:

  1. What made you comfortable to hire me instead of another [your profession]?  
The response can help you hone your message, strengthening your "personal brand" and focusing your business development efforts.  

  1. If I may ask, who else did you consider retaining?  
The response identifies your competition.  Check out their websites and messaging so you can "out-market" them in the future.  

  1. What did you know about me or my firm before hiring us?
The response tells you what marketing efforts are - and are not - working for you and your firm.  Use the feedback to improve your messaging and outreach.

Don't forget to ask: Is there anything that I or my firm could do better?  

This question communicates that your client's opinion matters.  It may be difficult to get your client to volunteer constructive criticism.  An example, such as, "Were our communications clear?" can prompt valuable responses.  

If surveying your clients always falls to the bottom of your "to do" list, get in touch. I'd be happy to provide some ideas on how to get started - contact me here.

All my best, 


July 1, 2023