Committed? Or, Merely Interested?

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing 
something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses - only results." 
 - Kenneth H. Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager

The committed professional converts leads to new business. 
The committed athlete makes the team. 
The committed manager inspires staff.  
The professional merely interested in new business is not a rainmaker. 
The athlete merely interested in participating is a bench-warmer. 
The manager merely interested in his job faces constant staff turnover.
How about you?  Are you at the top of your game? Do you think you can do better? Do you WANT to do better?

As you look in the mirror, realize that your reflection communicates whether you are truly committed, or merely interested. Your prospects and colleagues see it, too. 

The Commitment Quiz

The following short quiz will help you gain insight into your commitments versus interests. Your responses can launch a roadmap to transforming your status from a bench-warmer to a rainmaker:

  1. How committed are you to your chosen profession?  
  2. What's your commitment to collaborate with your colleagues?  
  3. How committed are you to delivering the best results you can to each and every client?  
  4. What actions do you take to building your company's brand and equity value?  
  5. What do you enjoy about your work? 
  6. Why do you think your clients hire you / your firm? 
  7. What are your greatest opportunities for new revenue growth?
  8. How do you want the marketplace to perceive you as a professional?
  9. Make a list of new business you generated over the past 2 years. What was the original "source" (eg: met the referral source volunteering, met the prospect on a ski lift)?
  10. What are your 5 biggest challenges to successful business development?
I'd love to discuss your answers with you! Click here to get in touch and schedule a complimentary 30-minute ZOOM or call to identify business development activities that reflect your commitments, improving your return on "time" invested in business development.

Stay Committed, Interested and Interesting! 

Mary :-)

March 1, 2023