Business Development

Make It Rain

Everyone in a firm, from the most to least experienced, should have the tools to develop and deepen business relationships.

Business Development

Plans & Coaching


  • Clarify target market
  • Outbound calling workflow
  • Accountability plan and reporting

& Events

  • Calendar & prioritize opportunities
  • Optimize participation
  • Assess ROI
  • Assist with presentations
  • Event follow up strategies


  • Business development tactics
  • Nurture junior members
  • Tools for support team members


  • Custom BD Plans with accountability features
  • Monthly or bi-monthly coaching meetings

Make It Rain

Proactive Marketing works with individuals and small teams within the firm to define and track BD goals, provide tactical training and coaching, and optimize the “return on time invested” in BD.

Create goal-oriented, measurable business development plans with accountability features in collaboration with client.
Meet regularly with individuals or small teams to review successes and challenges relative to plan. Update plan.

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